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Anthology of a Yiddishe Mama – Myriam Fuks (1 CD)

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Since the end of the Second World War, Yiddish culture has been gradually on a decline. Those people who were able to experience the golden age of Yiddish theatre and music firsthand are now, unfortunately, largely gone. The new generation of singers does not compare with those writers, artists and performers who drew from their own personal experiences to produce works infused with a tremendous richness.

However one jewel remains: Myriam Fuks. Born into a family of Yiddish singers with whom she toured since childhood, Myriam’s performances fill her audiences with awe. She delivers every musical phrase with a naturalness and intimacy that otherwise seems to have been lost forever. What Myriam offers is simply the fruit of a life spent immersed in Yiddish culture. Yiddish — her mother tongue — is her way of life. Her life has been a voyage, often alone, but with a myriad of memories, jokes, suffering, and joy … in short, A Life. And her music reflects the depth of her experience. After a decade of absence these unique works, now completely remastered from the original recordings, are once again available.

Avanticlassic is particularly proud to present this entirely new selection of 18 songs. And for the first time, Myriam has allowed the lyrics — most of which have been handed down orally — and translations of each song to be published together with the CD. The disc also includes the first ever recording by the now internationally acclaimed violinist, Roby Lakatos, then only 16 years old as well as 2 bonus tracks, one of them previously unreleased.

All in all, this disc is a unique tribute to the Yiddish culture, performed by the leading contemporary Yiddish vocalist, and including absolute gems like Yiddishe Mama, Papierossen, Belz, Yankele and many more.