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Liszt Totentanz • Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto – Sergio Tiempo (1 Hybrid SACD)

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With this brand new SACD Stereo release, piano virtuoso Sergio Tiempo reveals stunning live recordings made at the Progetto Martha Argerich festival, Lugano. The first half of the program is devoted to Franz Liszt, beginning with a thunderous Dance of the Dead (Totentanz) masterly conducted by Ion Marin. This is followed by three magnificent Petrarch Sonnets: at the same time mystical, poetic and highly virtuosic. The finale is an amazing performance of Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto, shaped in collaboration with Alexander Rabinovitch-Barakovsky, one of the most influential musicians of our era but also a conductor without equal. This album is an absolute must have for piano lovers. Whilst some might be astonished by the liberties taken by the artists, most will simply be thrilled by the sheer joy and excitement emanating from these live performances.

Sergio Tiempo: “this is an album that pays homage to Liszt, to timelessness, to daring explorations, and most of all, to the preservation of rare moments in life”.