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Recital Franck • Debussy • Schumann – Dora Schwarzberg – Martha Argerich (1 Hybrid SACD)

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Avanticlassic is extremely proud to release this new album featuring world-renowned artists Martha Argerich (piano) and Dora Schwarzberg (violin). With this record, Dora and Martha celebrate their unique friendship. For years both artists have performed throughout the world together, having annual musical encounters whether on tour or at Martha’s festival in Lugano. This is the first time, however, that they have entered the studio together.

The recording, of the sonatas by Franck and Debussy and the Fantasiestücke of Schumann, took place in Brussels in December 2005. The artists’ musical understanding is unique and this recording may come as a surprise for many listeners.

Their approach is always inspired but also deeply personal and the result will, undoubtedly, constitute a new benchmark in the history of the three works. both artists gave much of themselves in order to ensure that this recording is a unique musical highlight with no comparison, and they are extremely proud of the result.

Furthermore, this is only the second time that Martha Argerich has been recorded in 5.1 surround sound for SACD (by multi-award winner recording engineer Hugues Deschaux) and it is her first studio recording for a non-major label. The cover for this album is ‘Internal Space’ by the celebrated american artist George Condo, inspired by the performances on this recording.