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Roby Lakatos with Musical Friends – Roby Lakatos (1 CD + 1 Bonus CD)

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Roby Lakatos’ latest release for avantijazz is an all-Jazz project. Featuring prestigious guests including legendary French manouche-fiddler Stephane Grappelli, superstar Russian violinist Vadim Repin, cult American jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker, world-renowned Hungarian saxophonist Tony Lakatos and French Jazz master Marc Fosset, Roby Lakatos with Musical Friends is a unique journey to heart of Jazzland.

Roby Lakatos has always been famous for his incredible ability to improvise in every possible style. Curious about many musical repertoires, Roby has played jazz since childhood. After many experiments with established masters, he decided to produce an album entirely devoted to Jazz and choose the most incredible standards: From Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo á la Turk to Miles Davis’ Four, via Charlie Parker’s Donna Lee and Paganini’s 24th Capriccio, this album is an extraordinary opportunity to discover his limitless talent in a musical genre so dear to his heart.

For Roby Lakatos playing jazz is above all sharing and you will discover how wonderful he is at sharing musical sets with the most incredible cast of guests. This version includes a 2nd CD with 3 bonus tracks (24 minutes) never released before.