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The Four Seasons – Roby Lakatos (1 Hybrid SACD)

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A totally unique encounter between the most loved classical work and the most formidable violinist ever! For the first time violin genius Roby Lakatos records a universally acclaimed work from the classical repertoire in its entirety: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. In a highly personal vision of this baroque masterpiece, the Gypsy Maestro mixes the solo part with some improvisations featuring his mighty arsenal of fiddle showmanship.

The remainder of the program consists of Alpha and Omega , conceived as a prelude and a postlude to the Four Seasons. Tailor made by his long time musical partner, Hungarian composer Kálmán Cséki Sr, Alpha is an extravagant musical journey starting with the big bang, traveling through the elements and reaching the Baroque era. The postlude, Omega , immediately follows Vivaldi’s Winter. It is an evocation of the Apocalypse, with drums, electric guitar, violin, vibraphone, synthesizer, …

For this unique project Roby Lakatos surrounded himself with rising star countertenor Dominique Corbiau, internationally acclaimed percussionist Gabriel Laufer and the ever-amazing cymbalist Jen? Lisztes, replacing the harpsichord in the 4 Seasons. At the core of the album you will find the Brussels Chamber Orchestra, one of Belgium’s most cherished string ensembles, and of course Roby´s own legendary ensemble.